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Eliminator - And the Brokenhearted Balladeers

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Artiste: Eliminator
Titre: And the Brokenhearted Balladeers
Format: CD
Durée: 62 mins
Genre: Trash'n roll / Blues
Limitation: 5

I was alone…I had been abandoned on three sides of my four walled home. The only one left was a wall with posters of Johnny Thunders, Keith Richards, and Chuck Berry, and a mirror in the center to remind myself of who I was. The day would come that I would see through the world’s eyes, while tacked beside Johnny, Keith and Chuck on the lonely side. Another four walled world, another mirror too…

1 - Cuttin' You Down (Switchblade Fighter)
2 - No Answers
3 - Near Dark
4 - Sex, Drinks and Music...In My Grave
5 - Just Ain't the Same
6 - Route 69
7 - Punk Island
8 - Amor Fati
9 - Time Is On Your Side
10 - Crystal Ball

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