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Angara Damana - Dissolve Into Nothingness

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Artiste: Angara Damana
Titre: Dissolve Into Nothingness
Format: CD
Durée: 80 mins
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Limitation: 3

The debut release from this Iranian artist playing an atmospheric style of black metal woven with ambient passages. Overall, Dissolve Into Nothingness achieves an icy air while embracing the listener in a consuming blend of tempos resulting in a captivating experience of nearly 80 minutes.

1 - Exordium
2 - Koma Tragedy
3 - Salvation in Destruction
4 - Blind Sheep
5 - A New Age of Darkness and Blood
6 - Contradiction & Repetition
7 - A Truth Hidden in the Womb
8 - The Ado of Wisdom
9 - Dirt Or Nothing

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