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Mhönos - Humiliati

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Artiste: Mhönos
Titre: Humiliati
Format: CD
Durée: 67 min
Genre: Black Drone Ritualistic

Mysterious, ritualistic drones made through bass layers, amplifier worship, possessed chants and Burzum-inspired ambiance, Mhönos emerges from his crypt during year MMX to offer his bewitching liturgy to the mass. Dark and bright, ugly and beautiful, overwhelming, uplifting, melodic and droning at times, ritual issued by Mhönos aback and sometimes mixes the horror and the esoteric. Low frequences and tortured voices reign in supreme masters in the unstructured reptation, throbbing and disorder, thorned at irregular intervals by hypnotic psalms scended by haunted voices.

- Alveus Terra
- Ex Nihilo...Ad Nihilum...
- Mortificare

Mhönos - Ex Nihilo...Ad Nihilum... by ALCHEMIC SOUND MUSEUM

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