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Turdus Merula - Herbarium

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Artiste: Turdus Merula
Titre: Herbarium
Format: Cd
Durée: 63 min
Genre: Ambient Black Metal
Limitation: 5

One-woman project from Sweden, a new era for the black metal essence.

This is a one man project that has been growing in my mind for a long time. In the spring of 2007 I finally got my act together and started to make songs for what is now Turdus Merula. "The Paths of life" was recorded in the autumn of 2007 and was released in the beginning of 2008. During 2008 a couple of songs were recorded, but in the spring of 2009 I decided not to release these songs. Although, new material soon was recorded and the sequel to the demo Paths of Life was, after some delay, released 13th of July 2010 under the name "Herbarium", through the French label "Le Crépuscule du Soir".

Dísa... Guitars, bass, piano, keyboard, schaman drum, vocals

Session on "Herbarium":

Draug... Drums, mix and mastering

1. Datura Stramonium 13:41
2. Mandragora Officinarum 12:20
3. Colchicum Autumnale 10:00
4. Actaea Spicata 09:17
5. Conium Maculatum 13:42
6. Aconitum Napellus 04:05

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