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Cuntworm - aria des vampyr

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Artiste: Cuntworm
Titre: aria des vampyr
Format: Cd
Durée: 38 min
Genre: Dark Ambient / Industrial Black Metal
Limitation: 2

Industrial Black Metal band from Usa . Blastbeats , dark atmosphere , interesting interludes with influences like Akira Yamaoka , Dissecting Table , Psyclon Nine and others . This album is filled with harsh Industrialized noise , deranged screams and shrieks , screeching Black violence and dispairic ambience . This band is a true example of expanding the metal genre. from a simple hierarchial system to a spectrum .

1. Seduced By Damnation
2. The Exsanguination
3. Emptiness Within Decay
4. The Flesh Harvest
5. A Cold Night In Bucharest
6. The Hunger
7. Tasting The Blood, Tasting The Spirit
8. The Mourning After
9. Heresy
10. This Mortal Coil
11. All That Remains Is Now Dustů

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