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Chaos Moon - Languor into echoes, beyond

Chaos Moon Languor into echoes, beyond

Artiste: Chaos Moon
Titre: Languor into echoes, beyond
Format: Cd
Durée: 57 min
Genre: Black Funeral Doom
Limitation: 0

spanning three years of obscurity and sickness that also produced Origin of Apparition (released by Wraith Productions), this album completes a circle of schizophrenic indulgence and psychological plague. A discordant beast that must be heard to be appreciated, this is the sound of your sanity weeping.

1. De Mortalitate
2. Abstract Tongues
3. Waning
4. Simulacrum Of Mirrors
5. The Palterer
6. Hymn To Iniquity
7. Countless Reverie In Mare