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Melek-Tha - Perfect World Eradication

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Artist: Melek-Tha
Title: Perfect World Eradication
Format: CD
Genre: Nihilist Dark Industrial
Limited: 3

With seven years of existence and not less than twenty-five albums personnal or more official, Melek Tha continues without wane the horrible birth of her Dark Ambient Ritual Industrial signed at this time by Kubernoise. The result is again successful. The hot breath of Evil and the Apocalypse rushes gently in our heads for no more out, or just to finish in a depressing suffering.

Phase One:

1. Dictatorial Laws
2. Pain; the Infinite Trauma
3. Perfect World Eradication : "Apocalyptic Fear"

Phase Two:

4. Terminal Suffering
5. Doctrines of New Society
6. You Are the Slaves, We Are the Masters

8 Euro Shiping / handling include all over the World