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Im Dunkeln - Den Hellige Skogs Hemmeligheter

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Artist: Im Dunkeln
Title: Den Hellige Skogs Hemmeligheter
Format: Cdr
Time: 52:25
Genre: Black Metal
Limited: 100

In this new album, Im Dunkeln comes to mix the lighting atmosphere and grace peculiar to his previous album - Lieder für selbstmorb - with a very personal Black metal.
Some surreal tinkle and dreamlike voices mingle with dementia and tortured, along with riffs ever more hectic.
In the vein of Burzum and perhaps Emperor in his early days, Den Hellige Skog Hemmeligheter renews the genre with a sound totally original and unique. At the heart of a wild forest, blood and cries of animals mingle to the voices of Dryads and Dragonflies sacrificed to a strange god.
A black metal off the rank, unilaterally less black, but devilishly haunting and enchanting....

Album in Digipack CDr pro.

1. (Introduksjon) Den Eldgamle Eiks Oppvåkning (6:40)
2. Blind Ulvs Sti (4:51)
3. Øyenstikkerens Ofring (7:15)
4. Elgens Langsomme Marsj (10:29)
5. Albinoravnens Ensomhet (6:33)
6. De Sultne Revers Soloppgang (5:12)
7. Eimen Av Blod I Løvet (5:05)
8. IDen Hellige Skogs Hemmeligheter (Konklusjon) (6:18)

IM DUNKELN - Lukten av blod i bladene by ALCHEMIC SOUND MUSEUM

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