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Dedale(s) - Endless Corridors

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Artist: Dedale(s)
Title: Endless Corridors
Format: Card Sleeves CDr
Time: 75 min
Genre: Industrial / Harsh Colored Noise
Limited: 100

This Split is the first musical meeting between DOLORISM and Loki Fun Lilith -to which Adrien Mailler of No Way Out adds a title : Deadsun. It is this disk which has later given birth to the project Dedale(s).

Very contrasted titles here - from the very industrial universe of Dolorism, the mechanic weels of Silent Hill and of Metropolis grinding a few souls lost in a labyrinth to the ecstatic explosions of Loki Fun Lilith who does not hesitate to wreck an array of unexpected samples under the sometimes painful squeaks of frantic waves....

1. Wake Up The Weaks!
2. Carrion Aurora
3. Survivarium
4. Deadsun
5. Whispering Citadel
6. Boreal Beast
7. Veritas Sacra Fames
8. The Groove Of The Black Sun
9. Unsafety Swamp

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