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Wyqm - Death Spectre

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Artist: Wyqm
Title: Death Spectre
Format: Cd digipack
Time: 52 mins
Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Limited: 5

Mysterious American act Wyqm unveils their third full length release titled DeathSpectre. The ten tracks provide an excellent blend of tempos and atmosphere while never wandering from a murky foreboding cloud of darkness. DeathSpectre penetrates the depths of the soul with an unforgiving blade while swirling through the mind with a psychotic agenda.

1. I (6:22)
2. II (3:16)
3. III (7:26)
4. IV (4:33)
5. V (5:55)
6. VI (6:48)

10 Euro Shiping / handling include all over the World