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Review of Bathory Legion - Bukkake S.T.N. on Heathen Harvest

The most disturbing disc I have heard this year. As far as I can tell, It seems to be the most violently desolate as well, using both these words to maximum effect. This release contains a rarity of minimalist form that sways something other than a minimal fear, the sort of fear that engages, a spectral canvas of sorts for your own mind to tinge. Strangest thing about that, though, is that you are then only scaring yourself. I believe that is the reason I am in great support of this work, because it engages your intellect without your consent, without the overt use of sampling or needlessly complex structures. After all, fear is fear, and romanticized or not [which this album actually does], and it is as simple as a primary survival mechanism can get.


This work does not feature terror itself as a theme, but is so colored by such mood that it almost feels like a perversion of frequencies. Among its shaky drones, lowest of the low, among its heartlessness, there are sordid little passages of tune, “The Nethermind” has one that is sung by a synthetic violin type of timbre that almost mockingly welcomes you to the album. While the electronic elements are not pervasive, they are placed correctly, acting as the flickers of light coming off a spider web do. Contributor Emme Ya provides a brightly voiced mix-up for “Transfiguration”, the denser of the group. Only other taste one gets of music is “Opus Omina”, done with an acoustic piano, done with abject lunacy, or at least, that is how it come across.


This is one evil album, plain and simple. It has the nature of work done for people who want a head-first plunge into a tar pit of an abyss wearing a lead helmet with duct tape for a chin strap. Funny image, perhaps, but get past this initial nervous humor and imagine just how that would literally feel. There is nothing funny about this piece. The bleakness to it is scathing, and is the main source of its capacity to take you down.



Written by: Rexington Steel


Rating: 4.5/5

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